Libertarian Perspective book cover

Libertarian Perspective

A new book “Libertarian Perspective” by S. Bashlakov, V. Zolotariov and V. Khokhlov has been published by Nika-Center. The book contains an overview of the libertarian parties in nowadays world, a platform for the Ukrainian libertarians and a new constitutional model based on the Libertarian Papers.

“Whether it is possible to fix what hasn’t been broken?” is a section that presents the libertarian strategy, the state and the society from a point of view that represents an alternative to the political parties.

The book also contains the results of a sociological research of what Ukrainians’ opinions on various issues of the modern world, such as the free market and the government regulation, the pension system, the appointment of judges and the police system, the taxation and the professional army. The results show that Ukrainians share the libertarian ideas to a much greater extent that was expected before.