We are the proponents of the libertarian ideas

  • Individual liberty is above the common good
  • Interests of the citizens are above interests of the state
  • The state is a service organization that is limited in its powers to execute only the minimum necessary functions
  • The state should redistribute as small part of GDP as possible through its budget
  • The supervision, the barriers imposed, and the regulation by the government should be minimal

We are not a pet project

We are neither sold nor bought. We are not a pet project of any oligarch and we do not defend anyone’s personal interests. We are open to donations or sponsorship, but only for promoting and popularizing our ideas. We do not adjust our platform and our views, as well as do not support anything that contradicts them, for money. The reputation for us is higher that the short-term political benefit.

The cooperation is based on values and ideas

We are open for cooperation with any political forces, non-government organizations, group and individuals, whose values do not conflict with ours. We are ready to work together on anything that is aligned with our platform, and we will not support – even for the sake of reaching a compromise – anything that contradicts it.

We adhere to the Code of Ethics

Each member of our party must always follow the Code of Ethics. Only the strict adherence to the behavior norms stipulated there can build trust and make us a reliable and predictable partner.

We support the meritocracy, not the democracy

The party leadership appointments and the electoral lists nominations will be made based on the achievements of the candidates in education, obtaining globally recognized certificates, experience of work at multinational corporations. The majority voting results will play a secondary role in the case when the achievements are comparable.

The procedure for using the meritocracy principle when forming electoral lists [in Ukrainian only]

Code of Ethics

All Party members and employees when conducting political activities, and employees also when conducting professional activities and performing their duties, must:

  1. Act with integrity and decency, make all possible efforts to fulfill their promises, never knowingly tell lies.
  2. Place integrity and decency higher than benefits for themselves, any related persons of the Party.
  3. Speak up and speak openly of all current political issues, do not avoid answering tough questions, do not be afraid of admitting their mistakes.
  4. Act within the scope of the mandate they got and according to the edition of the Party’s platform (program) under which the mandate was given.
  5. Give account to those who provided the mandate of their actions, results and failures, disclose actual and potential conflict of interest.
  6. Respect rights and freedoms of other persons, as well as the norms of international law.
  7. Avoid from any cooperation with persons whose behavior contradicts to this Code.