Who we are?

We are the initiative group for founding the Libertarian Party of Ukraine. Nowadays in our country there is no parties which are based on the libertarian principles, that’s why on December 2, 2018 we founded this group to prepare founding of such a political party.

Vision, mission, values

Our principles and the Code of ethics

A draft of the Statute [in Ukrainian only]

What are the libertarian principles?

The libertarian ideology is based on the priority of the individual over the communal, the citizen over the state, on the freedom of the people to live, create, and think as they wish, as far as it does not violate the freedom of other people. Hence the state should be minimal in its scope and functions, with minimal interventions into the economy of social sphere, and with the least amount of regulations, control and redistribution of the domestic product.

You can find more details on our views and program in the Platform category.

How we are going to act?

According to the law, only registered political parties are allowed in Ukraine. That’s why our first milestone is the registration of the party. For that we need:

  1. Have at least 100 persons in the initiative group. If you share our values, principles and views, please join us! [Application form in Ukrainian only]
  2. Gather 10,000 signatures in 2/3 districts of 2/3 regions of Ukraine. That’s a huge task, and we will require help! Those who sign for us do not need to join the party, support it or vote for it. It is simply a matter of providing your support to the political diversity in Ukraine. Your signature for creating our party is your contribution to the development of civil society in Ukraine! Please leave your contact if we can count on your signature!
  3. When we are close to the finish line, we will need to raise funds for the state registration of the party, and it costs 140 minimal life allowances (246.7 thousand UAH), the overheads, and the funds for conducting the foundation meeting. That’s why we will require donations.

In the meantime, our group will work on drafts of the organizational and program documents, statements, drafts of laws and regulations, and you can also join us in doing it! [Application form in Ukrainian only]