We see the Libertarian Party of Ukraine as an influential political force that represents the middle class, has the decisive influence on the parliament and forms the government, leads our country along the path of liberty and makes an example for the libertarian parties all over the world.


Our mission is to make Ukraine one of the most liberal countries in the world, in which people enjoy all the rights and freedoms, make the responsibility for their acts and their lives, while the government is small and efficient, and its power is limited to the national defense, security, law enforcement, and basic infrastructure.


Freedom is the highest value for our party. Freedom is a natural right of individuals to decide themselves on their life, their health and their property, act and speak freely. However, freedom of any person should not be used to abuse the rights of other people. Freedom also means that people should take responsibility for their lives and understand the consequences of their actions.

Integrity is a value on which we shall make no compromise. Integrity means not knowingly lying or misrepresenting the information, not playing a double game, being true to their words and keeping their promises. It implies the correspondence of the assets and expenses to the legally gained income. Integrity is incompatible with manipulations, provocations or intrigues. We value our reputation and will not cooperate with people whose reputation is questionable

Progress that we see as the inclusion of Ukraine into the global context of the XXI century world. We reject the outdated ideas of “our unique way”, traditional values, small-town or provincial mentality. The notions of nation, national mentality or national state are left in XIX century. We support the global open world without barriers, quick adoption of ideas and technologies from the world leading countries. We value the most those who obtained education at the top-notch universities or schools and the experience at the world’s leading corporations.