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The Libertarian Perspective Book Presentation

On Saturday, May 25, at 14:00 on Book Arsenal Festival there will be a presentation of “The Libertarian Perspective” book (address: cinema hall, 2nd floor, 10-12 Lavrska street, Kyiv). The discussion will include the libertarian philosophy, the results of the survey on the attitude to the libertarian ideas in Ukraine, the positions of Ukrainian, U.S., and Spanish libertarians on various issues including individual rights, economic policies, legalizing marijuana, the European Union, etc.

Speakers: co-authors of the book, a co-founder of the libertarian society in Ukraine Volodymyr Zolotoriov, a Kiev City council member Sergii Bashlakov, doctor of science in economics Valentyn Khokhlov. Featured guest: director of the Institute of Philosophy, corresponding member of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, doctor of science in philosophy Anatolii Yermolenko.

Specially our this event on video their position will be featured by the leader of the Libertarian Party of the U.S. Nicholas Sarwark and doctor of science in economics Philipp Bagus (Spain).

Moderator: journalist Andriy Kulykov.