Statement on Raising the Natural Gas Consumption Norms

On November 27, 2018 the Supreme Court of Ukraine ultimately repealed the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine ordinance #203 adopted on 23.03.2016, and thus effectively returned the natural gas consumption norm for the households to the level of 9.8 m3 per person per month. This decision was made on formal grounds and does not account for the matter of the case.

The Supreme Court and the inferior courts upon consideration of this case did not investigated whether the consumption norms in question were reasonable or not, i.e. whether the claim for the repeal of the above-mentioned CMU ordinance has material basis. Based on the objective observations, we consider the consumption norm of 9.8 m3 per person per month to be apparently inflated and such that does not correspond to the facts. The court’s decision effectively makes people to pay for the goods they do not consume, which is equivalent to involuntary confiscation of their property by a decree of a government body. That violates the Constitution of Ukraine, hence the court’s decision is unjust and unconstitutional.

Based on the above-mentioned, the Libertarian Party of Ukraine calls for immediate lustration of judges Berzaniuk Ya. O., Hrytsiv M. I., Kovalenko N. V., Pashchenko K. S., Chudak O. M., Sheiko T. I., Kostiuk L. O., Parinov A. B., Troian N. M. [Ukrainian names transliterated], who participated in making an unjust court’s decision. There persons shall be stripped of the judge’s status and banned for life from obtaining the government offices. According to the new edition of the Constitution of Ukraine that is proposed by our party (see Libertarian Papers #8), abusing the legal system is a criminal offense, hence we stand for suing the legal advisors and representative of the claimants to the CMU – PAT “Khmelnytskhaz” and GS “Asotsiatsiia hazovoho rynku Ukrainy” [Ukrainian names transliterated].